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Why Choose 90dayloans.com?

90dayloans.com for many years has been a trusted resource for consumer lending. We have connected millions of people with quality lenders. We know there are a lot of ways you can obtain a personal loan, whether from your local lending store, your bank or even other websites. However, here are a few reasons why 90dayloans.com should be your first stop for a secure, fast and reliable loan:

1. Security

Would you post your private financial information on a billboard on the side of the intertstate? Of course not! However, putting your name, social security number, and other sensitive information into a form on the internet can be just as foolish if that website is not properly secured.

At 90dayloans.com, we take your security very seriously. We have been certified by an independent service to ensure that your data remains safe. We use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and stringent practices to keep hackers and thieves out.

Any time you are dealing with sensitive financial information online, you should ensure that the website URL begins with “https”. You should also look for a badge or seal, on the main page, from an independent security company, like GoDaddy, Symantec or VeriSign or others. If you click that badge, it should take you to a security certificate that shows that the site has been tested and is safe. Some fraudulent sites post the badges to trick consumers into thinking that they are safe. Always click the badge!

What happens if you use the wrong website? There’s the risk that the website could belong to thieves collecting financial data, or could download a virus or malware to your computer to collect your passwords and account information. Even if the website belongs to a legitimate lender, if they use poor security practices, they are a prime target for thieves. The next thing you know, you’re a victim of identity theft and dealing with the monumental task of clearing your good name.

Don’t be a victim. Always check a site’s security before entering sensitive information!

2. Choice

We have a network of hundreds of lenders, waiting to serve you. We use the information that you provide to guide you to the best options for your needs. Typically, a consumer is offered several lenders to choose from. Don’t like the terms from one lender? Choose another one! It’s always up to you.

3. Competition

Any time you have multiple providers for the same services, you have competition. Our lenders know that we are offering our consumers several choices, so they have incentive to provide you with the best terms and choices that they can.

4. Speed and Convenience

Our network has access to hundreds of lenders. There are thousands of lenders out there that offer a wide variety of loans and terms. Can you imagine how long it would take for you to go to every one of them and apply for a loan? Or even just call each one to see if they offer the type of loan you need? That would be an incredible waste of your valuable time!

We work with well-respected lenders and we’ve done the research. The choices that you are offered are the ones that our research has shown to be likely to offer the product you need, and approve you for a loan. Of course, we can’t guarantee you will be approved, as we have no control over that. However, we can show you who would be likely to say “YES”, given the information you provide. You see the lenders, compare terms, and choose. It’s that simple.


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